Car holder, on which you can rely

Car holder is an absolute must for anyone who wants to use their phone safely during driving. A good car holder should be especially safe, high quality, easy to use and adaptable to different phone sizes. Universal Car Holder Sturdo is just that.

Reliable mounting

Car Holder Sturdo can be mounted to windscreen or dashboard, it is up to you which option suits you more. Its suction cup with nano coating has extremely firm grip, so it perfectly adheres to different surfaces. You can absolutely rely on this car holder – it will remain in place and will not fall under any circumstances. If necessary, you can change its position. Just clean the suction cup and attach to a new place.

Universal application

Car Holder Sturdo is versatile and therefore suitable for all types of phones. Its side arms will adjust to the width of your phone – their range is 55 to 97 mm. After inserting the phone they remain firmly fixed. Thus, you do not worry that your phone falls out of them. Versatility means that car holder will come in handy in case you buy a new phone or when members of your family are use the same car.

Easy to use

It is really easy to insert the phone into Sturdo Car Holder – you can do it with one hand. As appropriate, you can turn the car holder comfortably and set it to the desired angle to get the best view of the phone. Since the phone is attached from its side, you can plug it into the charger. You will appreciate this during long journeys and while using navigation.


Sturdo Car Holder has solid design and is made of quality materials. You can buy it in black or white colour version for € 13.99 in our store.