Nabíjačka USB-C s LED plus priložený kábel
Hliníková nabíjačka Sturdo s USB-C káblom - box
Hliníková nabíjačka Sturdo s USB-C káblom - adaptér

Car Charger USB-C/USB Pro Sport Black with USB-C cable


When designing the latest dual car charger, we focused on combining current trends and technologies with user-favorable design. The result is a compact size product that can resist demanding use during business trips or weekend trips. As a bonus we included a quality cable with two USB-C consoles.


For the external charger design, we chose aluminum to provide adequate protection for fine interior components. Connect the phone to the charger via a reversible USB-C port or a standard USB port. The undisputed advantage of the USB-C port is its symmetrical design that greatly simplifies plugging in without looking for its correct position. This greatly improves your safety during driving. The eye-catching LED light lining the edges of the charger lights up when plugged into a 12V car socket. With the large port capacities you can quickly charge your smartphone or tablet, the car charger is also compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 quick charging.


  • small, discreet and portable charger with LED indicator
  • available ports: USB, USB Type C
  • The reversible USB-C port for easy connection
  • Capacity 2.4 A / 2.1 A (Type C / USB) for fast charging
  • Fast QC 3.0 charging support
  • Stylish, distinctive LED indication when plugged into the socket
  • Attached cable with USB-C terminals
  • cable length 1 m
  • 2.4A capacity for fast charging of smartphones
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