Car Holder Pro Sport
Pro Sport Car Holder Box
Pro Sport Holder Box

Mobile Phone Car Holder Pro Sport


Sturdo brand is expanding its portfolio of car holders with product line Pro Sport. Car holder Pro Sport, with its sporty styling and three side arms, will securely hold your phone while driving even in the most demanding terrain.


Sturdo Car Holder Pro Sport is a practical and elegant helper in your car. Thanks to its design and safety features it has several advantages.

Adherence is firm thanks to washable nano suction cup, with the possibility of mounting on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle. The front side of the head is made of hardened foam and rubberized adjustable side arms.

Fixing with 3 side arms simplifies handling of the stand with one hand. Side arms greatly dampen vibrations of the phone while driving. Lower side arms are rotating in the opposite direction up to 30⁰. Hardened foam head prevents damage to the back of the phone.

Holder is suitable for phones ranging from 55×120 to 80×155 mm in size.

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