3D Fiber Glass Protector for iPhone 6
3D Fiber Glass Pack

Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D Fiber iPhone 6S


Rounded display edgeds of iPhone 6S required compromises in applying the glass foil. Either the foil did not join the edges of the phone, or its width was customized, so the edges were not covered. New, 3D Fiber tempered glass screen protector of brand Sturdo have solved this problem.


3D Fiber protective glass is a combination of glass and flexible polycarbonate. It covers whole front of the device. Thanks to the flexibility of polycarbonate edge does the foil copy display curves perfectly. Its colourful design gives to your mobile phone a stylish look. Precise cut-outs for sensors, speaker and the push-button key allow you full use of your phone without limitation. The glass is completely transparent, does no influence on the brightness, colour, or other parametres of the dispay.

Designed for iPhone 6S. Available colour versions: black, white, black carbon, white carbon.