Anti Blue Glass Protector
Anti Blue Glass Protector Pack

Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Sturdo Screen Glass – this is a great screen glass with Anti-Blue Light protection of your eyesight. Anti-Blue Light technology reduces up to 90% of the emitted harmful blue light without affecting the color fidelity of display. Prolonged exposure to blue light causes damage to retina.


Everything that you need for cleaning the display and trouble-free application of the Screen Glass is included in the rigid plastic packaging. The set includes: Sturdo Screen Glass, cloth for multiple use, wet cloth, dry cloth, dust remover (sticker), squeegee.

Advantages of use:
• reduction of blue and UV light radiation from the screen and protection of your eyesight
• protects the phone not only against scratches, but also from serious damage
• increases phones resale value (phone without scratches, undamaged)
• rounded edges of Screen Glass prevent spontaneous unsticking of screen in everyday use
• discreet, hard to notice thanks to its 0.25 mm thickness
• does not affect the color, brightness or other parameters of the display

Available for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6.

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