Sturdo Rex Flexible protector Samsung Galaxy A13 / Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

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Sturdo Rex Flexible protector hard display protection. It is characterized by a high quality design with an adhesive covering the entire back for a firmer grip on the phone. The protective glass is perfectly transparent, it does not affect the color or brightness of the display.


Most of the phone’s activities are related to the display, so a clean and uninterrupted look is a must. The advantage of the protective glass in the fullcover design is the entire coverage of the display, including its rounding. Using it will protect the display of the mobile phone from everyday wear and tear and breakage. The bonus is to preserve the value of your phone. You will appreciate this fact if you sell it in the future.


  • Extreme scratch protection
  • The adhesive covers the entire back of the glass, making it significantly reduces the risk of peeling off
  • impact-resistant protection
  • at a thickness of 0.3 mm does not interfere with the design of the phone and does not drastically increase its overall thickness
  • the protective glass is perfectly transparent , does not affect the color or brightness of the display
  • is adapted to the shape of the phone, the holes do not overlap important elements of the smartphone
  • after removal does not leave permanent marks on the phone
  • sticks to a perfectly cleaned surface , the package includes a set of products for cleaning the display before gluing

Samsung Galaxy A13, Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

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