Sturdo Rex Luminous protective glass Samsung Galaxy A53 5G


Sturdo Luminous protective glass is characterized by exceptional hardness and durability. The protective glass is a great combination of screen protection and fluorescent light to help you find your cell phone in the dark. The glass is 100% transparent and does not affect the brightness and color display of the display


Most of the phone’s activities are connected to the display, so its clean and unobstructed appearance is a must. The advantage of protective glass in the fullglue version is the entire coverage of the display, including its curves. Using it, you can protect the display of your mobile phone from everyday wear and tear.


  • Extreme protection against scratches
  • the adhesive covers the entire back of the glass, thanks to which significantly reduces the risk of detachment
  • shock-resistant protection
  • with a thickness of 0.3 mm, it does not interfere with the design of the phone and does not drastically increase its overall thickness
  • the protective glass is perfectly transparent, does not affect the color or brightness of the display
  • it is adapted to the shape of the phone, the holes do not cover the important elements of the smartphone
  • after removal, it does not leave permanent marks on the phone
  • it sticks to the phone perfectly cleaned surface, the package includes a set of preparations for cleaning the display before sticking

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

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