Sturdo Screen Glass with Anti-Blue Light filters

Displays surround us at every turn in today’s world. Phones, computers, tablets, and television. It has its benefits – they are useful helpers and source of immediate information and entertainment.

However, prolonged use may have negative effect on our health. The blue light emitted by differen

t types of displays increases this risk.

Blue light

Blue light is part of the white light, its wavelength is connected to ultraviolet light. It carries considerable energy that gets into the eye. Users of tablets, smartphones and LCD monitors are exposed to blue light especially. In contrast to the natural world, the eye is exposed to radiation from a short distance. This significantly increases the degree of harmfulness. Exposure to harmful blue radiation causes eye strain, and continued use can result in damaged retina. Blurred vision, headaches and difficulty falling asleep can also occur. Radiation affects the production of the hormone of sleep – melatonin.



Software or technological solutions that used to limit these emissions in the past, failed to maintain color fidelity of screen while reducing blue light radiation. Anti-Blue Light technology offers a solution. It helps to reduce up to 90% of harmful blue light radiation without affecting the color fidelity of display.


Sturdo Screen Glass with Anti-Blue Light filters

Why not combine these great qualities with protective function of Screen Glass protectors? We have added Sturdo Anti-Blue Light Screen Glass to our range. It is not only great protection for your phone, but also eyesight. It protects the display of the phone against scratches but also against serious damage. At the same time it has anti-blue light filter to reduce the radiation of UV or blue light.


A set of tools for trouble-free application of the Screen Glass is included in the rigid plastic packaging: wet and dry cloth, dust remover (sticker) and squeegee.


Advantages of use:

  • reduction of blue and UV light radiation from the screen
  • does not affect the color, brightness or other parameters of the display
  • protects the phone not only against scratches, but also from serious damage
  • increases phones resale value (phone without scratches, undamaged)
  • rounded edges of glass-screen prevent spontaneous unsticking of screen in everyday use
  • • discreet, hard to notice thanks to its 0.25 mm thickness


See the following video, which demonstrates how Screen Glass reduces transmission of blue light on a simple experiment with UV lamp and banknote: